The 5 Steps:
Systemizing Community

A sustainable community is a living, constantly evolving thing. Everything about yours will be unique and long-lasting if you follow these steps!

5 Steps to Sustainable Flexibility

Step 1: Assess the landscape.

Identify and research the community that your project WILL have a positive impact on. Are they interested? Is the demographic you’re catering to ready for it?

Step 2: Instill a culture.

Gather an unselfish team of individuals who will collaborate and support you as you move through the rest of the steps. Agree upon and document the core values that you share.

Step 3: Create a positive presence.

This is all about your brand and marketing! Create a concise brand, website, social presence, and message so that you can begin educating and connecting with the public through local media and other outlets.

Step 4: Empower members.


Encouraging members to form relationships will solidify a culture. When people form relationships, they feel safer around each other and are more willing to share ideas and support one another.

Step 5: Facilitate growth.

Provide members with resources, events, and opportunities they will use to sculpt the community THEY desire.

Achieving Results

The result of successfully executing these steps is a solid platform for achieving flexible sustainability, which will activate endless possibilities in your community.

How It Works

Think of flexible sustainability as a ball of clay. You provide the material and parameters for members to shape and mold your community into anything and everything THEY need. This philosophy is a catalyst for the growth of individuals, businesses, and entire cities.

So, I encourage you to please tap into your collaborative brain chemicals, embrace the future of work (because chances are you’ll be a part of it soon if you aren’t already), and use the model of flexible sustainability to go build YOUR GREAT COMMUNITY. When you’ve reached a point where you could use some help, reach out to schedule a conversation.

If you’d like guidance as you implement these 5 steps, I’m always available.