Hi, there!

My name is Chris Cooley, and I am a guide and facilitator for creating sustainable coworking communities.

Through years of joining coworking communities, building them from the ground up, and visiting them around the world, I’ve documented the elements it takes to create a TRUE community that lasts. I’ve distilled the process for creating a thriving, people-centric, constantly evolving community into a 5-step process called Flexible Sustainability.

In Theory:
A Community-Building Theme

I have been inspired to create communities since I developed my senior thesis project in 2006. Community-building was the central theme of the thesis, and I specifically remember saying, “When I creatively cultivate sustainable communities for a living, I’ll have found my calling.” Well, here we are! 🙂

On the Ground: Exploring Communities

Since 2008 I have been a participant of shared spaces, government-run incubators, and some failed coworking spaces. Though I was invested in each of these spaces, they unfortunately were just places to work. In my opinion, these models never fulfilled what I had been looking for, and what I believe to be the ultimate promise of coworking – to generate long-lasting economic and social growth that is mutually beneficial for the coworkers, the managers, and the surrounding community.

A Higher Level: Creating a Sustainable Cowork

In early 2015, the latest coworking space of which I was a member closed down. That same day, I was offered the opportunity to help co-found a brand new coworking space! Taking a leadership role in this project, with its innovative community-first approach, was a no-brainer for me. In less than a year, we were able to achieve a community-focused coworking model with 50+ members. As we built Carlson Cowork, my knack for cultivating collaboration and community emerged as important strengths. Members of the community started introducing me as the “mayor” of Carlson Cowork, so I embraced it:)!

A Vision Realized: The Cowork Consultant

Today, I am excited to be building connections with diverse coworking spaces throughout the United States and abroad — and to have found my true calling! I’m living my passion by sharing my coworking model with property and city managers determined to revitalize their communities by creating vibrancy in vacant spaces.

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