The Cowork University Virtual Meetup is a monthly, virtual community for cowork leaders everywhere!

Why was this created?

Throughout my travels in the US and abroad, I’ve had many conversations with cowork managers and creators. Consistently, we agree that it’s pretty ironic that, as people who promote collaboration on a daily basis, we don’t have many opportunities to support one another. As one manager said to me…”actually building my community has been a confusing, time consuming, and lonely process – something you’d never expect, right?!“

People like us who are driven to create collaborative workspaces are all about building connections, but WHO do WE collaborate with and HOW? The answer is the Cowork University Virtual Meetup!

A Community:

We are a supportive, inclusive and inspiring community that achieves a level of collaboration designed to elevate the coworking conversation.

The virtual meetup is an invitational gathering of 25+ (and growing) cowork creators and managers from the US and Europe who got into coworking because they understand and align with the concept of “community first”.

We are, most certainly, a group of like-minded people :)!

A Conversation:

The purpose of this meetup is to create a laser-focused conversation and high-value networking opportunity for like-minded cowork creators and managers.

The Cowork University Virtual Meetup is a dynamic, informal, facilitated discussion of topics that come up when starting or running a coworking space, like:

  • Gauging community health
  • Gaining new members
  • Promotion and outreach
  • Forming partnerships
  • Anything you’d like to bring to the conversation!

A Commitment:

It is currently free to join the group:)

The only requirement is that you must apply to become a member (see application process below) and be fully committed to participating on a regular basis.

We connect on a monthly Zoom video chat and a 24/7 private Slack channel.

Want to participate? Here’s how…

Visit the website to read more and apply