Are you an entrepreneur or consultant working alone?

If you are curious about coworking and how it can help you…

Check out Community Coworking @ the Rochester Brainery every Friday (9AM – 4PM). Everyone is welcome to come and try it for the day! Read more at Community Coworking.

Are you a Solopreneur, Entrepreneur, or Consultant who works alone in Rochester, New York?

You will benefit from Community Coworking if you…

  • Are looking for human interaction (at least) once a week.
  • Are interested in programs that facilitate and encourage personal growth.
  • Enjoy collaboration, meeting new people, and making friends through experiences.
  • Are looking for a fun, welcoming, and supportive professional community.

Register now! We only have 20 spots available per week...

What are the benefits of Community Coworking?

  • Access on-site business consulting
  • Make new friendships, partnerships, and even business connections
  • Work for the day in an inspiring environment (We have coffee, too:))
  • Participate in optional personal and business development programs (no additional cost)
  • Form collaborative connections with local, like-minded entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and consultants

Join us every Friday @ Rochester Brainery from 9am – 4pm!

We are currently limited to 20 participants per week, so sign up ASAP:)

What is coworking?

In essence, coworking spaces are shared work environments where independent professionals and small agencies work alongside one another. For the independent worker, they offer a flexible, sociable, low-commitment and low-cost alternative to the home office, coffee shop, or traditional office space.

Chris Cooley (The Cowork Consultant and co-founder of Carlson Cowork) defines coworking a little differently. His philosophy is that coworking is “a shared mindset that creates opportunities for empowerment. Coworking encourages us to explore engaging new opportunities with other people so that, together, we expand exponentially.”


Organic Collaboration

As a community-minded organization, Rochester Brainery has always been a great fit for the coworking model. In fact, the idea of pop-up community coworking was spurred from the “Freelance Friday” initiative started by Rochester Brainery. Our project is the next evolution of “Freelance Friday”. Rather than just opening the doors of Rochester Brainery each week for people to work, we’ve decided to collaboratively re-invent the concept and form a truly engaging coworking community that facilitates ongoing interaction between attendees.

Pop-up Community Coworking is a collaborative, community conversation that elevates and accentuates personal growth and facilitates business expansion. It’s not just a place to come work for the day (although it is that, too:))!

We recognize the importance of partnerships and collaborative projects as the most progressive way to make positive strides in the innovation, start-up, and entrepreneurial scene in Rochester. Please come join us in this collaboration between Rochester Brainery and Chris Cooley (The Cowork Consultant and Co-founder of Carlson Cowork) to elevate our city through action!:)


Register now! We only have 20 spots available per week...

On-site Business Consulting

We are honored to have an on-site business consultant for our members to connect with! Anyone who participates in our 15-minute networking mini event (just before lunch on Community Coworking days) will have the opportunity to meet 1-on-1 with Deb Gears (Ph.D. | CEO & President of Boolean Shore, LLC) from 1-3PM on coworking days.

Deb will be facilitating our networking mini event and will also be introducing our members to an incredible online community that she founded. Each of our attendees will have the unique opportunity to engage with this new platform to connect with all of our other community members.

If you’d like to see the platform beforehand, please visit the Traiting Spaces website to learn more!