How We Collaborate: Cowork Co-creation

It is important to note that I will be an active participant in your cowork creation! Most consultants give you a plan to execute on your own. My projects involve a team process, and my commitment is to be a part of the project until it is launched and the strategy is fully implemented. We’re in this together! The specific objectives that outline our progress are listed below and will be executed using a thorough Cowork and Cultural Consulting Strategy.

Set Up Your Complimentary Consultation Today

Your next step is to set up a complimentary 30-minute call with me. During the call, we’ll talk about your goals and intentions, the current status of your project, and a strategy for you to quickly and easily move forward with your coworking vision.

Why a consultant?

Coworking is relatively fresh territory, especially on the individual level, so there are a lot of unknowns. I haven’t just lived it – I’ve systemized a process for laying the foundation for a community built to weather an uncertain future.

Do you want to build a successful, sustainable coworking space?

Currently, I’m collaborating with property managers, commercial real estate investors, and municipalities to generate sustainable coworking models that will have long-term beneficial impacts on their communities. My role is to help build a team, implement a sustainable model, and develop a culture that supports and promotes personal and business growth.

Success means a strong culture and team.

I collaborate with you to provide a strategy and a clear plan for building a sustainable coworking model. Most importantly, I don’t tell you what to do; we create an outline that WE believe in and implement together. That’s right — I commit to being a participant in your cowork, which also means your community becomes part of my global network!

A Coworking Model + My 5 Steps = Flexible Sustainability.

As a cowork consultant, I facilitate the creation of sustainable coworking communities by collaborating with organizations that put people first by encouraging and empowering each participant to be his or her greatest self. If you have a vision for a cowork community with a culture that extends way beyond the space, my one-of-a-kind Flexible Sustainability system will help you make it happen.

Working together, we’ll establish a set of parameters unique to your organization that allows the community you serve to organically (and sustainably) change based on their needs and input.

Feeling kind of…lost in space?

Starting a coworking space can be a daunting, misunderstood, time consuming, and lonely process. Even if you have a great team, everybody wants to be part of it, but no one knows how to make it happen! If you start feeling like you could really use someone who’s been there before to walk you through the steps, that’s where cowork consulting comes in.