Are you excited yet?

So you’ve made the commitment to coworking. That’s a great place to be!

If you’re looking for an established, efficient process for building a coworking community with a rock-solid cultural foundation, cowork consulting could take your efforts to the next level.

Startup Cowork Assessment

Planning to start a coworking space?
  • Are you wondering if your plan to start a new coworking space is on the right track?

  • Get an assessment and full report from an expert in the coworking industry. Find out which parts of your plan are on track, as well as what you have overlooked, so you can develop an established outline for success before you launch.

Cowork Creation & Strategic Plan

Ready to create your coworking space?
$4,799/+ Travel
  • Are you an organization that is ready and committed to creating a coworking community?

  • Over the course of 3 days (on-site), we’ll review the current status of your coworking project and community, then develop a custom plan for easily creating your cowork.

Collaborative Cowork Implementation

Do you value expert collaboration?
$7,899 /+ Travel
  • Are you an entrepreneur or visionary who’s looking to positively impact an entire community?

  • I’ll become part of your team, and together we’ll collaborate to create and implement your very own community using my system of Flexible Sustainability. This is a ground-up strategy and personalized launch that begins with a 1-month partnership and expands into an exponential relationship (depending on your needs) as we progress. This is where things really get exciting!