Coworking is Collaboration!

In the true essence of coworking I recently had an amazing conversation with Tony Bacigalupo of New Work Cities about our experiences, ongoing projects and trends we are seeing in the coworking world. Now, why the heck would two guys who are “technically” cowork consultants, doing the same thing, be collaborating? Well, it’s because we believe in being stronger together!

Both Tony and I have similar philosophies rooted in putting people first. However, we are two different people who have clearly defined what we do and (most importantly) who we are! This means that we align with very different types of clients. We are not competitors. In fact, we are collaborators. Yes, we reside in the same field but because we know who we are, at the core, we are able to work with completely different types of people…

A Coworking Lesson for You

The collaboration between Tony and I can be a lesson for you, as a coworking community manager or creator. If you cater to a certain type of person (your members) you will be able to clearly define your cowork and what differentiates you. This way you will be able to look at your coworking neighbors as collaborative partners, rather than competitors.

Think abundance, not scarcity!

My goal in life, business, and through the implementation of coworking is to empower individuals through personal growth and community collaboration. Lofty? Yes!:) I believe that people are the greatest asset in ANY community. Honestly, space is very far down my list of priorities. If you are into community building and small to mid-sized city cowork creation, I’m your guy!

Likewise, Tony believes in the power of people first. However, his mission is to give the world a better relationship with work and with each other. This goal is also lofty (which is why Tony and I get along so well:)) but his mission differs from mine because it is centered in a work-life connection. My focus is on the personal growth of individuals to facilitate a more positive and supportive community. Do you see the difference? Again, a slight (but definitive) differentiation allows Tony and I to operate in the same industry, in similar roles, while collaborating and supporting a greater mission that we BOTH align with. Pretty rad, right!?

Why Watch the Videos?

In the following videos, Tony and I discuss our experience, ongoing projects, and trends we are seeing in the coworking industry. These videos will give you an even greater perspective into our world and allow you to more clearly identify how we are each unique. Watching these videos will open your eyes to ways you can apply similar strategies to form your own beneficial collaborations:)

Thanks for watching, be great, and enjoy!

Ep 1 – The Cowork Consultant Story

Chris tells us his story of discovering and getting into coworking, starting with working from home, looking for places to go, then finally finding the inspiration and opportunity he needed to get a space of his own started.

Ep 2 – Creating Coworking with Cities

Chris shares his experience working with city officials to develop a coworking space while still maintaining a great community culture. As Chris got to know like-minded organizers, he saw the need for collaboration between space owners.

Ep 3 – The Importance of Coworking Events

Chris & Tony discuss the value of celebration in a collaborative community, networking events, and partnering with people who provide great programming.

Ep 4 – Small Towns & Importance of Community

How do you build a community in a place where there aren’t a huge number of people? We know coworking works well in big cities, but there’s still a lot of untapped potential outside of the major population centers.

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Ep 5 – Sustainable Coworking Practices

Real estate coworking vs community coworking: two very different mindsets, but so much potential at the intersection of the two! Tony and Chris dive into the different motivations that drive people to start communities, and the value of learning how folks on the other side think.

Ep 6 – How to Define Community in Coworking

The word “community” gets thrown around a lot, to the point that it’s lost its meaning. So if you want to build a great community-driven space, how do you distinguish yourself?

Ep 7 – Global Coworking Resources for Managers

Coworking’s a global phenomenon. That means, all over the world, people are exploring new ways to work, do business, travel, and collaborate. Ultimately, we’re interdependent. As local communities, and as a global community of organizers and leaders. Also, check out the Cowork University Virtual Monthly Meetup for coworking managers and creators! It’s free to join for qualifying peoples:)

Ep 8 – Coworking and the NEW Economy

Coworking’s a big deal, but the larger shift in work is an even bigger one. Traditional full-time work is giving way to work that’s more flexible, creative, on-demand, and… well, still very early. That presents lots of opportunities, but also a lot of challenges. Keeping all this in mind as you organize your community will help you keep your compass pointed in the right direction.

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If you’re interested in a complimentary 30 minute call with me, let’s connect!:) During the call we’ll talk about your goals, intentions, current status of your project and a strategy for you to quickly and easily move forward with your coworking vision.