TEDx Talk — “Creating Community: The Power of Coworking”

Coworking is a term many of you have heard by now. If you haven’t, please pay close attention to this TED talk, because coworking is a model that WILL positively impact you and your business in the NEAR future!

Systemizing Community Sustainability

By studying the sustainable communities I’ve been a part of, I’ve developed a clear process for creating TRUE communities. I’m sharing my process in the hope that it will help other creators all over the world to build even more incredible communities. You’re welcome to use this system on your own, but each concept goes way deeper than what I can share on a website. If you’d like guidance as you implement these 5 steps, I’m available for one-on-one cowork consulting.

This presentation is designed to provide insight for you by outlining:

  • Why coworking pertains to all of us

  • What coworking is

  • Current and future work trends

  • My 5-step system for creating sustainable communities

Read more about my 5-step system for creating sustainable communities.