Why Coworking?

What does coworking have to do with you, and why should you care?

The Future of Work

According to a study by Intuit, 40% of the US workforce will be contract workers by the year 2020. That means 60 million of us will be working as solopreneurs and individual consultants. 40%!!!! Think about that!

Here’s another big number. The projection for coworking growth worldwide from 2012 to 2017 is 900%!

Stats like these raise important questions. In a new economy where many of us work in isolation (remotely), how will we all interact and exchange ideas without the typical office environment? One answer is clear – we’ll cowork.

An Environment of Collaboration

I’m sure most of us have had a job at some point, and at those jobs we had coworkers. Right?

There’s something nice about being around other people. You can brainstorm, form partnerships, and support one another. Opportunities arise organically. Coworking provides an environment for a community of entrepreneurs, work-from-home professionals, and digital nomads to collaborate on a regular basis. These are people who traditionally would have little opportunity to interact with other like-minded individuals.

Flexible Sustainability

The greatest possible outcome for a cowork is a state I call flexible sustainability. Achieving flexible sustainability is all about being adaptable to constant change and, in coworking, allowing that change to be dictated by the collective needs of the members.

Because of its flexibility, coworking is a sustainable model that can epitomize the future of work.

“People really thrive off of being together with other like-minded people in a support network. Belonging to a community-focused Cowork is like having a home — a business home. Rather than working from home and blurring those lines, you’ve got a different space to be in; not just a work space, but a work home! We found that this enables us to create a community and family that grows and thrives together.”

Chris Cooley

Community Creator, The Cowork Consultant

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